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About this project

About Good Finance

Good Finance is a collaborative project to help improve access to information on social investment for charities and social enterprises.

We recognise social investment can often be confusing and difficult to navigate. That's why in 2016 key representative from social enterprises, charity and social investment sectors came together to launch an initiative to help tackle this barrier for social sector organisations.


Our mission

Our mission is to be the single trusted source of information on social investment for charities and social enterprises.

We will achieve this by:

  1. Improving knowledge on social investment, what it is, what it can be used for and the journey and process it requires
  2. Enabling organisations to make informed decisions, based on their needs and situation, not on embedded attitudes
  3. Helping connect organisations to the right investors to talk to based on shared values


Website and project

Good Finance consists of two distinct, but by no means separate strands.

The website: to help inform and educate social enterprises and charities about repayable finance and better connect them with social investors. 

The project: offline engagement activity such as events, workshops and webinars, new case study content and videos, and our growing marketing channels.


Why is it needed?

Charities and social enterprises identified a critical need for a comprehensive digital resource to help them to effectively navigate social investment. Evidence of this need originates from a number of sources including:


How the website was built

The website was built following an extensive period of user-centred research and design workshops with charities and social enterprises across the UK. You can see the outputs of that work in the report written by service design agency, Snook, which was commissioned by Government Inclusive Economy Unit (DCMS): Designing Social Investment User Research. 

The website was officially launched in Spring 2017, containing new content, tools and a refreshed brand based on the user-needs identified during the research phase of the project.


Governance and funding

Our Steering Group helps to inform our strategic direction of the project and is made up of key representatives from the social enterprise, charity and social investment sectors.

Our Stakeholder Review Panel provides critical and constructive feedback on the project and is made up of key stakeholders in the social investment sector. 

Project Manager was appointed in February 2017 to manage the content, website and partners and is also responsible for scoping out the future potential of the project.

Good Finance is jointly funded by Access - The Foundation for Social Investment, Big Society Capital and DCMS, with in-kind support provided by members of the steering group.

Steering Group

Liz Hayes photo
Liz Hayes
Barrow Cadbury Trust
Liz is the Connect Fund Manager at Barrow Cadbury Trust. Liz works to develop and deliver the Fund on behalf of Access – the Foundation for Social Investment. Liz has a background in grants management and has delivered programmes for both local government, charitable foundations and national charities.
David Floyd
David Floyd
Flip Finance
David is a co-developer of Flip Finance and co-author of Alternative Commission on Social Investment.
Trish de Souza
Trish de Souza
Trish is the Digital Marketing and Communications Manager at Locality. Trish leads on Locality’s marketing, communications, media and brand activities, from strategic planning to operational oversight.
Melanie Mills
Melanie Mills
Big Society Capital
Melanie is Social Sector Engagement Director at Big Society Capital.
Paul Winyard
Paul Winyard
Paul is senior policy officer for funding and finance at NCVO.
Fiona Young Picture
Fiona Young
Social Enterprise UK
Fiona is Head of Communications at Social Enterprise UK.
Harrison Coldray
Harrison Coldray
Inclusive Economy Unit.
Harrison is a Policy Adviser and currently works in Government policy as a member of the investment team in the cross-departmental Government Inclusive Economy Unit.
Tim West
Tim West
The Fable Bureau
Tim is Founder and Director of The Fable Bureau

Project Delivery

Ishita Ranjan
Ishita Ranjan
Project Manager
Ishita is the Project Manager for Good Finance. She manages the project, coordinates the partners and stakeholders, and drives the strategic direction of the project.
Festus Akinsulire
Festus Akinsulire
Digital Marketing and Communications Officer
Festus Akinsulire is the Digital Marketing and Communications Officer for Good Finance, managing the design, content across all digital marketing channels.